Reporting requirements

Before Departing Scott Base

All events are required to complete an out brief feedback form prior to leaving Scott Base so that actions can benefit future events.

Returning to New Zealand

On return from Antarctica you will be transported to the International Terminal at the Christchurch International Airport and go through normal international immigration and customs procedures. You will be met by Antarctica New Zealand logistics staff who can provide transport for you to the warehouse where you can and hand back your Antarctica New Zealand kit.

Post-Antarctic Reporting Requirements

All events supported by Antarctica New Zealand are given logon details for EMPEROR (Event Management, Personnel, Environment, Risk, Operation and Resources) as part of the event planning process.  Reporting templates are held in EMPEROR and event managers are required to be submit the following reports within four weeks after your return from Antarctica:

  • Science Events:
    ASPA Visitor Report (for those who entered an ASPA)
    Science Report 
    Metadata Form
    Environmental Actuals
    Vision (still and video) from your event
  • Non-Science Events (eg. Media or Artists):
    ASPA Visitor Report (for those who entered an ASPA)
    Environmental Actuals
    Vision (still and video) from your event

Vision from your event will be included in the Antarctica New Zealand Pictorial Collection and will be used to enhance coverage of your research/visit.  Contact our General Manager, Marketing and Communications, Jeanine Begg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), to discuss the best way to submit this content.