preparation for your visit

There are a number of procedures that must be completed prior to your departure for Antarctica.

Please ensure that you have read and understood each section in Travel to Antarctica and have completed all required forms by the due dates. If after reading each section thoroughly you have some questions please contact us.


Antarctica is the world’s last great wilderness and provides a pristine area for research into the Antarctic and the global environment. Visitors to Antarctica need to comply with international agreements as well as domestic legislation to help protect the Antarctic environment.  Events supported by Antarctica New Zealand need to be aware of these legal requirements, and the procedures that Antarctica New Zealand has put in place help to implement them.

For detailed information on environmental requirements, refer to the environment section of our website 


First Aid requirements
All people who travel to Antarctica with Antarctica New Zealand must hold a current First Aid certificate. The level of the certificate should be equivalent to St John Ambulance Work Place First Aid 16-hour course. Go to the St John Ambulance website for information about First Aid courses.

Medical Requirements
Antarctica New Zealand takes its responsibilities as a good host and employer very seriously, including those who travel to Antarctica as part of our programme. Policies and procedures concerning medical requirements are available as downloads at the bottom of this page.

Medical Resources in Antarctica
Scott Base has a first aid room with some medical supplies and a qualififed First Aid officer who is able to handle basic medical problems. Anything of a more serious nature is referred to the nearby (4km) United States McMurdo Station where there are limited hospital facilities. Personnel taking medications will need to take an adequate supply for the length of their visit taking into account that there may be travel delays due to weather etc.

Guidelines for doctors
There is a link below to the document for medical examiners. It provides guidelines and information for doctors and is supplied to you with your medical forms prior to travel to Antarctica. The document is provided here for your information only.