Arrival at Scott Base

You will land in Antarctica on one of three airfields depending on when in the season you travel.

ICE RUNWAY (start of season until before Christmas)

On arrival in Antarctica staff from Scott Base (usually the Scott Base Services Supervisor or their representative) will meet you. Look for the Scott Base clothing (orange and black) or vehicle with the Antarctica New Zealand logo. If there is no one to meet you then catch the Shuttle Bus to McMurdo Station where arrangements will be made for your transport to Scott Base.

  1. (approx January to the end of the season)
    You may not be met on arrival so catch the Shuttle Bus which will be at the airfield and ask the driver to drop you off at Scott Base. You will be met at the door where you are dropped off.

You are expected to uplift your handcarry baggage before exiting the aircraft. In all cases your checked baggage will travel separately to Scott Base, usually 1-2 hours after your arrival.


When you enter Scott Base you will be met by the Scott Base Services Supervisor or their representative. Remove your ECW clothing and place it on the hooks provided and put your boots in the racks. Remember where you left your clothing as it all looks the same. There is a toilet in this area. On the direction of the Scott Base Services Supervisor take your handcarry bag and proceed as directed to the briefing room or dining room where you will receive an introduction to living at Scott Base, your timetable of activities for the remainder of your day, a tour of Scott Base and directions to your assigned accommodation.


Your first few days in Antarctica are usually taken up with Antarctic Field Skills and preparation for your visit. AFS aims to provide:

  • basic snowcraft skills
  • awareness of the unique Antarctic environment including recognition of dangers
  • awareness of safety routines and techniques including radio communications
  • ability to build shelter and provide food in emergency situations
  • understanding of sea ice, its processes and danger points
  • field camping techniques and procedures


All members of your group will have a briefing with the Programme Support Supervisor in the first days of your visit. Your programme objectives and timeframes will be discussed as well as any operational constraints and issues.

If any aspect is unclear please ask - the Scott Base staff are there to help you.