K131: Sea Ice and Southern Ocean Processes

K131: Sea Ice and Southern Ocean Processes

Tim Haskell
Callaghan Institute

This programme aims to characterise the relationship between the sea ice, ocean and atmosphere of Antarctica in order to better understand and predict high-latitude coupled climate variability, and to underpin the management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the context of the global climate system.

It concentrates on the climate-related processes occurring within McMurdo Sound to the marginal ice zone. It covers a range of scales, from microns in structure of sea ice, to the order of thousands of kilometres in the process of sea ice dispersal in the Southern Ocean, and the relationships linking Antarctica to global climate variability and change.

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Velocity profiles, and ocean boundary layer experiments of the near ice stratification and platelet ice matrix of the McMurdo Sound sea ice

Temperature, salinity and current turbulence along an east to west  transect across McMurdo Sound