K123: Environmental Protection of Soils in the Ross Sea Region

K123: Environmental Domains Classification for the Ross Sea Region

Fraser Morgan
Landcare Research Ltd

The research develops an environmental classification for terrestrial ecosystems of Ross Sea region. The classification includes associated data and models and is underpinned by new knowledge on soil distribution, climate and microbial diversity and/or abundance. Its delivery, via a one-stop web portal will produce a classification that is dynamic, widely accessible, and functional. We provide new data on these ecosystems by:

  • Developing a terrestrial environmental classification for the Ross Sea region using environmental domains analysis that encompasses climate, landform, soil, and biology layers;
  • Mapping soil attributes using soil-landscape models, validated with field data to establish the spatial distribution of soils in the McMurdo Dry Valleys;
  • Extending our existing soil climate network to include upland slopes for monitoring the impact of climate change on soil active layer and permafrost depth;
  • Characterising soil microbial communities.