K082: Coastal Benthic Ecosystem Structure and Function

K082: Coastal Benthic Ecosystem Structure and Function

Vonda Cummings

Anthopogenic impacts in Antarctica are increasing and a good understanding of marine ecosystem function is needed to inform decisions on environmental management and protection.

With a focus on coastal benthic (seafloor) communities and the environmental conditions that structure them, the major goal of this research is to advance knowledge of coastal benthic ecosystem structure and function, spatial variance and response to environmental stress, and thus improve management of the Ross Sea region.

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The biodiversity of the coastal underwater marine benthic ecosystem in the Ross Sea Region

Seafloor sampling of the north western Ross Sea area including Cape Hallett, Cape Adare, Coulman Island and Cape Russell

Diversity of marine benthic communities at Granite Harbour, the effect of ocean acidification on the Antarctic gooeyduc Laternula elliptica and the effect of pulsed primary food source on the benthic community

Benthic invertebrate community composition, sediment characteristics, and seafloor habitat structure of New Harbour

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