Arts Fellow Alumni

The following is a list of the artists and writers who have travelled to Antarctica as Antarctic Arts Fellows under the Artists to Antarctica Programme and the Invitted Artists Programme. Participants of other supported events are also included as Honorary Antarctic Arts Fellows due to their artistic achievements separate from their primary supported activity.

1957 & 1958/59 Peter McIntyre Painter Invited
1970 & 1974 Maurice Conly RNZAF official artist Invited
1981/82 Austen Deans Painter Invited

Jonathan White

Painter Invited
1990 Kim Westerskov Photographer Invited Artist/Scientist
1991/92 John Hamilton Painter Invited
1997/98 Bill Manhire Poet Invited Artist
1997/98 Nigel Brown Painter Arts Fellow
1997/98 Chris Orsman Poet Arts Fellow
1998/99 Margaret Mahy Children's writer Arts Fellow
1998/99 Margaret Elliot Painter Arts Fellow
1999/00 Virginia King Sculptor Arts Fellow
1999/00 Chris Cree Brown Composer Arts Fellow
2000/01 Bronwyn Judge Choreographer Arts Fellow
2000/01 Raewyn Atkinson Ceramicist Arts Fellow
2000/01 Craig Potton Photographer Invited Artist
2001/02 Denise Copland Printmaker Arts Fellow
2001/02 Anne Noble Photographer Arts Fellow
2001/02 Richard Thompson Painter Arts Fellow
2002/03 Fieke Neuman Fashion and Wearable Arts Designer Arts Fellow
2002/03 Phil Dadson Intermedia and Sound Artist Arts Fellow
2003/04 Grahame Sydney Artist Invited Artist
2003/04 Laurence Fearnley Writer Arts Fellow
2003/04 Patrick Shepherd Composer/Teacher Honorary Arts Fellow
2003/04 Andris Apse Photographer Honorary Arts Fellow
2004/05 David Trubridge Furniture maker/Designer Arts Fellow
2004/05 Kirsten Haydon Jeweller Arts Fellow
2004/05 Bernadette Hall Poet Arts Fellow (joint)
2004/05 Kathryn Madill Painter Arts Fellow (joint)
2004/05 Dick Frizzell Painter Invited Artist
2005/06 Gareth Farr Composer Arts Fellow
2005/06 Megan Jenkinson Photographer Arts Fellow
2006/07 Clare Plug Textile artist Arts Fellow
2006/07 Joyce Campbell Photographer Arts Fellow
2006/07 Neil Dawson Sculptor Invited Artist
2007/08 Ronnie van Hout Artist Arts Fellow
2007/08 Tessa Duder Writer Arts Fellow
2007/08 John Walsh Painter Invited Artist
2008/09 Boyd Webb Photographer Invited Artist
2008/09 Lloyd Jones Writer Invited Artist
2009/10 Owen Marshall Writer Invited Artist
2009/10 Peter James Smith Painter Invited Artist
2010/11 Laurence Aberhart Photographer Invited Artist
2010/11 Joe Sheehan Sculptor Invited Artist
2010/11 Dave Dobbyn Musician Invited Artist
2011/12 Matt Gauldie NZ Defence Force Painter Invited Artist
2011/12 Jae Hoon Lee Multi-media Invited Artist
2012/13 Roger Donaldson Film Maker Invited Artist
2012/13 Don McGlashan Musician Invited Artist
2012/13 Aaron and Hannah Beehre Design, painting, interactive surfaces and digital media Invited Artist