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Antarctica New Zealand
Administration Building
International Antarctic Centre     
38 Orchard Road
Christchurch 8053
New Zealand

Postal Address

Antarctica New Zealand
Private Bag 4745
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand


Phone:  (03) 358 0200
Fax:  (03) 358 0211

Peter Beggs - Chief Executive

Leading Antarctica New Zealand to deliver a sustainable level of activity that furthers New Zealand's strategic interests in relation to Antarctica.


To provide integrated support services that improve organizational capability to deliver on strategy.

Julie Patterson - Human Resources Advisor
Recruitment for all Christchurch and annual Scott Base seasonal vacancies and provide HR specialist support.

Brad Phillips - Accountant
Provides specialist accounting services and advice to managers and staff in Antarctica New Zealand and various third parties e.g. Treasury and MFAT.

Greg Jack - Information Services Team Leader
To provide IT and Information Management services and systems to managers and staff to meet organisational needs.

Mike Mahon - IT Administrator
To provide specialist IT, technical services and advice at agreed service levels to managers and staff in Antarctica New Zealand and various third parties e.g. scientists.

Jenny Ryan - Information & Applications Advisor
To provide information management and IT application support and training services to internal and external customers.

Joanne Pollard - Administration Team Leader
Provides administration services to staff of Antarctica New Zealand and specific support services to the Chief Executive and Board.

Alison Stewart - Administration Officer
Provides administration services to Managers and staff of Antarctica New Zealand.


To further New Zealand international influence through science and environmental outcomes.

Jana Newman - Environmental Advisor
To develop and manage projects which enhance New Zealand's environmental stewardship responsibilities in Antarctica including environmental monitoring; environmental clean up; spill response; biosecurity; sustainability.

Ceisha Poirot – Environmental Advisor
To ensure best practice environmental management throughout the New Zealand Antarctic programme including Environmental Impact Assessments and advice, Area Protection and Management, and Environmental Management Systems.


To plan events that have maximum impact for Antarctica New Zealand and ensure the value of New Zealand’s Antarctic programme is widely understood.

Lisa-Marie Brooks – Science & Communications Advisor
Maintain an appropriate level of public awareness of the significance of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean through partnerships,
targeted education, communication and outreach programmes, events, annual conference and the annual invited media and artistits and writers programmes.   

Peter McCarthy - Antartic Programme Planner
To coordinate the delivery of a programme plan for Antarctica New Zealand's work in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.


To deliver Antarctica New Zealand's plan of work in Antarctica safely.

Gary MacPherson - Assest Management Team Leader
Management of the ongoing capability of Scott Base engineering resources, including all buildings, plant, equipment, vehicles and the provision of field engineering support.

Peter Brookman - Facilities Engineer
Assist with the delivery, development and management of the Antarctica New Zealand capital infrastructure programme.

Jamie Lyon - Asset Management Engineer
To support the Asset Management Team Leader in the safe and sustainable operation of Antarctic based assets.

Paul Woodgate - Logistics Team Leader
Manage the logistics system to meet Antarctica New Zealand's operational requirements including the procurement, storage and transport of inventory, and the processing and transport of passengers to and from Antarctica.

Rob Stewart - Logistics Officer (Cargo)
Execute the cargo handling function of the logistics system to meet Antarctica New Zealand's operational requirements including the receipt, recording, storage, packaging, handling and dispatch of cargo.

Michael Nottage - Procurement Officer
To carry out the procurement function of the logistics system to meet Antarctica New Zealand's operational requirements.

Simon Trotter - Programme Support Team Leader
To co-ordinate the safe delivery of Antarctica New Zealand's plan of work in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Trudie Baker - Services Supervisor
To plan, resource and deliver hospitality planning, support and service functions at Scott Base and assist with the ongoing administration and maintenance of various system improvement initiatives.

Barry Holmes - Operations Scheduler
To assist with the detailed planning and scheduling of all summer season events and coordination of event field movements, asset deployment and planning.

Lt Cmdr Barry Holmes - SNO / NZDF