This document gives a brief overview of Antarctica New Zealand activities. Download the Antarctica NZ profile 

Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent sets out Antarctica New Zealand's programme for the next 4 years. 2016-2020_SOI.pdf

Statement of Performance Expectations

The Statement of Performance Expectations sets out Antarctica New Zealand’s forecast performance expectations for the coming year. View our Statement of Performance Expectations

Annual Reports

The Annual Report is the official document that details the work of Antarctica New Zealand, including scientific highlights and environmental initiatives, and a statement of service performance.  It also reports on education, media and artists programme and our international involvement in Antarctic Treaty forums. Download the 2014/15 Annual Report 

Annual Reports for earlier years can be downloaded here:

Annual Report 2013/14 (pdf, 1.8MB)
Annual Report 2012/13 (pdf, 1.9MB)
Annual Report 2011/12 (pdf, 1.44MB)
Annual Report 2010/11 (pdf, 1.91MB)
Annual Report 2009/10 (pdf, 1.91MB)
Annual Report 2008/09  (pdf, 1.94MB)
Annual Report 2007/08 (pdf, 1.46MB)
Annual Report 2006/07 (pdf, 3.6MB)
Annual Report 2005/06 (pdf, 2.93MB)
Annual Report 2004/05 (pdf, 5.42MB)
Annual Report 2003/04 (pdf, 3.22MB)
Annual Report 2002/03 (pdf, 1.41MB)
Annual Report 2001/02 (pdf, 1.08MB)
New Zealand's Antarctic Research 2001/02 (companion to the Annual Report) (pdf, 530kb)
Annual Report 2000/01(pdf, 736kb)

Chief Executive's Expenses

Six-monthly disclosure of the Chief Executive's expenses including travel, hospitality and gifts. 

January- June 2015 (pdf, 91KB)
July - December 2014  (pdf, 78KB)
January - June 2014 (incoming CE) (xls, 99KB)
September 2013 - January 2014 (Acting CE) (xls, 36KB)
July - September 2013 (outgoing CE) (xls, 85KB)
January - June 2013 (xls, 82KB)
July - December 2012 (xls, 82KB)
January - June 2012 (xls, 87KB)
July - December 2011 (xls, 78KB)
January - June 2011 (xls, 77KB)
July - December 2010 (xls, 81KB)

Press Releases