This document gives a brief overview of Antarctica New Zealand activities. Download the Antarctica NZ profile. 

Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent sets out Antarctica New Zealand's programme for the next 3 years. Download our statement of intent.

Annual Reports

The Annual Report is the official document that details the work of Antarctica New Zealand, including scientific highlights and environmental initiatives, and a statement of service performance.  It also reports on education, media and artists programme and our international involvement in Antarctic Treaty forums. Download the 2012/13 Annual Report. 

Annual Reports for earlier years can be downloaded here:

Annual Report 2011/12 (pdf, 1.44MB)
Annual Report 2010/11 (pdf, 1.91MB)
Annual Report 2009/10 (pdf, 1.91MB)
Annual Report 2008/09  (pdf, 1.94MB)
Annual Report 2007/08 (pdf, 1.46MB)
Annual Report 2006/07 (pdf, 3.6MB)
Annual Report 2005/06 (pdf, 2.93MB)
Annual Report 2004/05 (pdf, 5.42MB)
Annual Report 2003/04 (pdf, 3.22MB)
Annual Report 2002/03 (pdf, 1.41MB)
Annual Report 2001/02 (pdf, 1.08MB)
New Zealand's Antarctic Research 2001/02 (companion to the Annual Report) (pdf, 530kb)
Annual Report 2000/01(pdf, 736kb)

Chief Executive's Expenses

Six-monthly disclosure of the Chief Executive's expenses including travel, hospitality and gifts. 

January - June 2013 (xls, 82KB)
July - December 2012 (xls, 82KB)
January - June 2012 (xls, 87KB)
July - December 2011 (xls, 78KB)
January - June 2011 (xls, 77KB)
July - December 2010 (xls, 81KB)

Press Releases