Life on the ice is pretty cool


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Fairfax reporters Deidre Mussen and Karl Drury travelled to Antarctica as part of Antarctica New Zealand's media programme this summer. Part of their assignment was to profile people working on the ice to give an insight into the challenges and unique experiences they face living and working in Antarctica.  

During their stay, they witnessed world-leading scientific research in some spectacular parts of Antarctica, including the Dry Valleys, joined an annual aerial penguin census of some of Ross Island's Adélie penguin colonies and got up close with penguins at Cape Bird in the island's northernmost Adélie penguin colony, absorbed some very special Antarctica exploration history at three historic huts that Antarctic Heritage Trust are conserving, and experienced fascinating life on the ice through the eyes of some of Antarctica New Zealand's Scott Base staff.

Interviews featured:

  • Brian Karl (Landcare Research field technician)
  • Richie Hunter (Antarctica New Zealand field training coordinator)
  • Tyler Mackey (PhD student on University of Canterbury led international project)
  • Steve Denby (Antarctica New Zealand winter water engineer)
  • Bobbie McSweeney (Antarctica New Zealand winter chef)
  • Lizzie Meek (Antarctic Heritage Trust programme manager for artefacts)

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