Google Hangout: What's it really like to be a scientist in Antarctica?


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Nearly 12.5k people have watched Dr Charles Lee and Gemma Collins from the University of Waikato's International Centre of Terrestrial Antarctic Research (ICTAR) since joining ScienceAlert to answer all of your questions about working in Antarctica.


  • Gemma Collins is a University of Waikato researcher looking into tiny arthropods called springtails that live in Antarctica, and analysing the molecular differences between springtails that are more active in warmer climates to those that are more active in the cold. This research could provide insight into how animals will adapt to changing climates.
  • Dr Charles Lee is a research fellow at the University of Waikato studying the microbes in some of the most extreme places on Earth, including deep-sea hydrothermal vents and the Antarctic dry valleys. His research looks at the biological mechanisms that allow these microbes to survive, and what they can tell us about the limits of life on Earth.


  • Fiona MacDonald is an editor of ScienceAlert and award-winning journalist with a degree in zoology.

Gemma and Charles tell viewers about their work on the ice, the dangers, how they go about daily life in an environmentally sensitive and protected area, and the importance of understanding the Antarctic ecosystem.

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