Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
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Antarctica New Zealand is the Crown Entity responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand Government activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, in particular the Ross Dependency.We manage Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic research station.  We maintain New Zealand’s operational presence in the Ross Dependency for the benefit of present and future generations of New Zealanders.  Key activities include supporting scientific research, conserving the intrinsic values of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and raising public awareness (in part through arts, media and youth programmes) of the international significance of the continent. More about what we do

Chinese Icebreaker to visit Lyttelton Port en route from Antarctica

A significant international event will kick-start 2015 with the visit of the Xuě Lóng, China's icebreaker and polar research vessel to the Port of Lyttelton in Christchurch. For three days from 16 January the Xuě Lóng, whose name translates to Snow Dragon, will dock for refuelling and cargo transfer in Lyttelton having travelled through the Southern Ocean from the Ross Sea region. Read more...